Rotary Club of Tallinn Global is proud to support the following causes related to health and mental wellbeing:

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs (HypoDogs) can smell hypoglycaemia in diabetic children and summon adult assistance

Hypoglycaemic children may be unable to recognise the symptoms or too weak to seek help on their own.

Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to smell hypoglycaemia in diabetic children and summon adult assistance. As well as this potentially life-saving service, the dogs provide afflicted children with a beloved long-term companion.

The goal of the project is to create competence in training diabetes assistance dogs (hypo dogs) in Estonia in cooperation with Finnish dog trainers from Hypokoira ry. During the project, Estonian dog trainers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to train hypo dogs, and then the training program is carried out.

As a result of the project, the are trained, to detect a change in blood sugar level by smell and alert the diabetic; they bring the necessary food/drink to raise blood sugar or alert fellow humans about a life- and health-threatening situation for the host. Hippo dog training takes place every year, you can get more information about it on the training page of our partner

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Invisible Matters

War traumas are invisible in 90% of cases

We wanted to give our hand of support to heal the innocent souls & hearts of Ukrainian war refugee children. So in March 2022 Rotary Club Tallinn Global has initiated the project for psychological help for children of Ukraine, which is called “Invisible matters” in partnership with Leleka MTÜ.

What it is about.

Art therapy – is a method used for treatment and psycho-correction through the different art techniques such as drawing, pottery, music, photography, books, acting classes, writing fairy tales, making dolls, sand art, etc.

The art therapy helps to overcome a wide range of problems such as psychological traumas, personal losses, crisis states, internal and interpersonal conflicts, post-stress, neurotic and psychosomatic disorders. During the art therapy sessions, patients receive an important message from their own subconscious mind.

What happens to a child at the session.

The processes which are taking place during the sessions, are invisible but they are of great importance for the children rehabilitation.

First of all, art therapy helps a child to throw out the negative internal emotions (fear, anger, irritation, intolerance, rejection of the surrounding world).

After transferring these emotions to a piece of paper, a piece of clay, into dance or into a photo, a child feels relief, and a psychologist gets the opportunity to identify problems and troubles of a little man in order to find a way to solve them.

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Fundraising project: Saunas for Ukraine

Morale is one of the key aspects contributing to the victory in any war. Lack of basic hygiene is ruining morale. Our goal is to provide Ukrainian fighters with facilities for basic hygiene in cooperation with the Estonian Defence League and NGO Saunas for Ukraine, who have engineered a mobile unit with a sauna and laundromats. These facilities provide a morale boost from improved hygiene and the restorative effect of relaxing in the warmth of a sauna. A moment as close to normality as one can come in the middle of hell. 

The mobile unit

The completely autonomous unit consists of a truck with a sauna and a trailer containing the laundromat. The unit serves one battalion, enabling all soldiers to wash themselves and their clothes at least once weekly. By now, 4 units have been delivered to Ukraine and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Ukrainian soldiers.

Depiction of one unit containing a sauna and laundromat


One unit costs approximately 120000€. This covers everything, including transport to Ukraine.

Our goal

We aim to fund at least one unit by the summer with joint efforts of Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Rotarians. From there on, we hope to have raised enough awareness for our cause to aim higher and fund one unit monthly. A small donation from every Rotarian enables this substantial support to Ukrainians fighting for our freedom. 

The overall need

The real need is a unit for every battalion: that makes a total of 150.

Contacts for the Fundraising Project: 

Tõnis Arro +372 50 48929, Charter President (

Villem Ödner Koern ‭+372 56 252435‬, Project Lead (

Marti Aavik, Club Secretary, Communications Lead: ‭+372 53 946878‬ (