Our club meets on Mondays, at 18.30 at Palace Hotel.

At most meetings, we will have an interesting talk given by a distinguished speaker, except in the instance of business meetings that we have a few times a year. Please check the schedule for future events below and come back soon for amendments that tend to appear weekly.

All Rotarians are naturally welcome to all our club meetings. As the traditional meal is part of our club meetings, previous notification to the club secretary about your visit (and dietary requirements, if any) is recommended for practical purposes. However, this is in no way a requirement, just feel free to show up at the beginning of the next meeting and be very welcome. The hotel will do its best to serve your selection from the restaurant menu.

SEASON 2022/2023

24.04.2023 Guest speaker H.E. Raimonda Murmokaite, Ambassador of Lithuania to Estonia. The topic of presentation to be confirmed. 

03.04.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Vidas Petraitis, founder & CEO at Nortus, the largest Lean company in Baltic states. The topic of presentation: “Business excellence champions league – how does it look like and how to get there”.

27.03.2023 Speaker Mr. Tõnis Arro, Charter President of the RC “Tallinn Global”. How mad is western world and is there a war against West going on? Tõnis will present a review based on Douglas Murray’s books “Madness of Crowds” and “The War on the West”. 

20.03.2023 Guest speaker Mrs. Jurgita Turulienė, the Governor of District 1462 (Lithuania). The topic of presentation: “An overview of the activities in Lithuanian district”.

13.03.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Genadi Shamugia, Information Security Officer of Pipedrive. The topic of presentation: “ChatGPT and beyond: How AI chatbots affect Cyber Security”.

06.03.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Eesti AS. The topic of presentation: “DPD group in Estonia, A Green Transition in Traditional Business”.

27.02.2023 RC “Tallinn Global” and MTÜ LELEKA meeting-discussion dedicated to psychological help project for war refugee children of Ukraine in Estonia “Invisible matters”.

20.02. 2023 Guest speaker Mr. Priit Pedaja – strategic financing and business development director, venture investor and development supporter who has recently lived 15 years in Moscow. His topic is: “Thoughts on our neighbour”.

13.02.2023 Speaker is Club member Mr. John Longhurst, expert in Governance (inc Cyber), Strategic Advisory/geo-strategy. The topic of presentation: “Geo-economic outlook”.

06.02.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Luca Zampaglione , CSO of eu-LISA. Topic of the presentation: “Pragmatic perspective of cyber security”

30.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Hans H. Luik, founder of AS Ekspress Grupp, member of Tallinna Vanalinna Rotary Klubi. Open discussion

23.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Urmas Kaarlep, 2022-23 District Governor. Topic: “Why Rotary? How I imagine Rotary?”.

16.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Eerik-Niiles Kross, Member of Parliament (Reform Party), security expert, historian. The topic of presentation: “Armed resistance to Russian occupants in 1940s and today”.

09.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Taavi Rõivas, former politician and currently Chairman of technology company Auve Tech.  He will talk about tech megatrends and their influence on our lives today and tomorrow with a focus on self-driving vehicles.  In Q&A he is happy to take any questions. 

28.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Roger McDermott, International Centre for Defence and Security. Topic: “Russian and Central Asian defence and security issues”.

21.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica.

14.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament.

31.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. 

24.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Ilmar Raag, Media executive, actor, screenwriter and film director. Topic: “Ukraine: first-hand observations from the frontline”.

17.10.2022 Guest speaker Club member Mr. Krum Garkov, Executive Director at eu-LISA. Topic: “Digital transformation of internal security and border management in EU”.

10.10.2022 Guest speakers Inna Karaulchikova & Prof. Eduard Maron. Topic: “Mental health support to the Ukrainian refugees and displaced people”.

03.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Charles Clarke, British Labour Party politician, former Member of Parliament (MP) and former Home Secretary. Topic: “Britain and the Geopolitics of the Baltics”. 

26.09.2022 Guest speakers O. Riabinina & O. Litvinchuk. Topic: “Charity project for Ukrainian children”.

19.09.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Hando Sutter, Eesti Energia CEO. Topic: “The Future of Energy Wars”.

12.09.2022 Guest speaker H.E. Mr. Ross Allen, The British Ambassador to Estonia. Topic: “The British Diplomatic Mission in Estonia”.

05.09.2022 First official meeting of the season. Guest speaker Club member Mr. John Longhurst, Strategy Advisor/geo-strategist, CEO. Topic: “Geo-economic outlook”.