Our club meets on Mondays, at 18.30 at Palace Hotel.

At most meetings, we will have an interesting talk given by a distinguished speaker, except in the instance of business meetings that we have a few times a year. Please check the schedule for future events below and come back soon for amendments that tend to appear weekly.


All Rotarians are naturally welcome to all our club meetings. As the traditional meal is part of our club meetings, previous notification to the club secretary about your visit (and dietary requirements, if any) is recommended for practical purposes. However, this is in no way a requirement, just feel free to show up at the beginning of the next meeting and be very welcome. The hotel will do the best to serve your selection from the restaurant menu.

SEASON 2020/2021

14.09.20 First official meeting of the season. Guest speaker: GERT ANTSU.

21.09.20 Guest speaker PRIIT RAID: Intercultural Management with focus on Asia. Priit has has spent most of his career across Asia managing full P&L of European companies while reporting to group CEOs headquartered in France. He has been working for multinational companies like Comeca and Idealec (Mersen), majors spin-offs from large industrial groups like Alstom, Areva (Framatome) and Westinghouse. He started his career in Europe working for Schneider Electric and its partner Harju Elekter.

19.10.20 Guest speaker KAAREL PIIRIMÄE, historian, PhD. 2009 (Cambridge University) “Estonia, the Baltic Question and the ‘Big Three’ Allies in World War Two”. The title of his presentation is the same as the title of his recent book in Estonian: “… Baltic States are as good as Russian”. Some of his articles in English can be found here

26.10.20 Charter Member MARTIN HIRVOJA, Attorney, Of Counsel at Magnusson Law Office: Criminal procedure in Estonia – a selection of controversial topics from the viewpoint of a defense attorney.

31.10.20 15.30-17.30  Junimperium distillery tour: History of Gin, history and story of Junimperium Distillery, introduction and botanicals of all 6 Junimperium gins, tasting of 4 Junimperium gins, visit the distillery area and of course, the signature Junimperium Blended Dry gin Gin & Tonic. Pre-registration required (contact club treasurer Jaanus Pikani).

2.11.2020 Guest speaker KALMAR KURS, the head of Foreign Relations at the Ministry of Culture: How is Estonian culture promoted abroad today and what should we do in order to make Estonian culture more international?” Kalmar Kurs will speak about how Estonian culture is promoted internationally today, who are the main counterparts and which resources are available at the moment. And how should we proceed, update and startup it in the years to come. 

9.11.2020 Guest speaker XIAOTIAN ZHANG, Prof. Dr. Vice-Rector, Estonian Business School: Digitalization & E-Commerce Development in China“.

23.11.20030 Guest speaker – our newest member Tony Lock, a researcher on organised crime: ‘Is the IT-Induced Configuration of Extra-legal Governance in the London Borough of Westminster by New York and West Coast Mafias a Category Mistake? How can Legislation be Enhanced for Successful Prosecution? A real-life crime study.’

30.11.2020 Guest speaker: Marti Aavik, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Postimees: “The Garden of Opinions. Journalism of a very small nation – is there anything special?”

18.01.2021 Guest Speaker – Colonel Raivo Tamm of the Estonian Defence Force:  ‘Unmanned Traffic Management’
25.01.2021 Guest speaker – Michael Buchler, Data Protection Officer Nordics & Baltics at Manpower Group: ‘The Role of a Data Protection Officer & Privacy in 2021’
01.02.2021 Guest speaker – James Sherr OBE, Senior Fellow, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute and Associate Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs (“Chatham house”): ‘Getting Russia Right’
08.02.2021 Guest speaker – Andres Parmas, Prosecutor-General of the Republic of Estonia: ‘Corruption and other White Collar Crimes’
15.02.2021 Speaker – Club Member Leho Nolvak, owner, Air Tours Estonia: ‘The State of the Travel Industry’

01.03.2021 Guest Speaker – Mrs Eva-Maria Liimets, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Estonia

08.03.2021. Guest Speaker Ilmar Raag, Film Director, Expert of Strategic Communication, Chief of Toompea Malevkond at Estonian Defence League: – “Counter-insurgency. Why leading Western military doctrine of the last 20 years have failed (so far)?
Starting from US experience from Vietnam, French adventures in Algeria etc., the Western military thinking elaborated a theory that would marry a military action with Western values of nation-building? However, we see today that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can hardly be assessed as victorious. We have won almost all battles but lost those wars. Why? The answer speaks not so much about military tactics, but more about the nature of human societies. 

15.03.2021 Guest Speaker – Mr Andres Sutt, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of the Republic of EstoniaPOSTPONED

MAY 2021

10th May – Lasse Tur, Norwegian photographer & Old Tallinn enthusiast talks about his work as an aerial photographer and photo artist.
17th May – Tarmo Soomere, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Connecting science, society and policy: the experience of a small country
24th May – Jeremy Casdagli, Co-proprietor of D’Boiss and owner of the venerable Casdagli cigar company, The Casdagli family: Ottoman Merchants, Industrial revolution, la Belle Epoque and Cuban intrigues.
31st May – Captain Herkki Haldre, owner Sunlines Cruises, will talk about cape horners and a somewhat peculiar Estonian maritime situation from thru Soviet-era till present.