Last Seasons


SEASON 2022/2023

12.06.2023 The closing meeting of Rotary season 2022-2023 dedicated to RC “Tallinn Global” charity projects: the art therapy program “Invisible matters” for Ukraine refugee children in Tallinn; Sponsorship of Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) training for Estonian children with diabetes. 

05.06.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Aivaras Abromavičius, a Lithuanian-born Ukrainian investment banker and politician, former Ukraine’s Minister of Economy and Trade who studied international business in Concordia International University Estonia. The topic of presentation of Mr. A. Abromavičius: “The Ukrainian wartime economy: grain deal, challenges and post-war perspectives”.

29.05.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Timo Nieminen, Executive manager at Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce. The topic of presentation: “The Facial Action Coding System (FACS)”

22.05.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Kenn Konstabel, Associate Professor in Personality and Social Psychology at University of Tartu. The topic of presentation: “Mental health”

15.05.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Jan Olav Apold Gårdvik, Norwegian offshore oil rig business professional. The topic of presentation: “The Helgeland coast – Norway’s hidden treasure”.

08.05.2023 Speaker Mr. Vaidas Matulaitis, RC “Tallinn Global” secretary. The topic of presentation: “50 shades of Estonian silence through the eyes of local Lithuanian”. A mash of serious facts, real life discoveries and funny misunderstandings. Plus few useful tips for those who want to make connections in Lithuania and Estonia. 

24.04.2023 Guest speaker H.E. Raimonda Murmokaite, Ambassador of Lithuania to Estonia. The topic of presentation: “Russia‘s war against Ukraine and its wider security implications ahead of Vilnius NATO summit”.

17.04.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Luca Zampaglione , CSO of eu-LISA. Topic of the presentation: “Pragmatic perspective of cyber security”

03.04.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Vidas Petraitis, founder & CEO at Nortus, the largest Lean company in Baltic states. The topic of presentation: “Problem solving no.1 skill in the world.
Best excellence practices

27.03.2023 Speaker Mr. Tõnis Arro, Charter President of the RC “Tallinn Global”. How mad is western world and is there a war against West going on? Tõnis will present a review based on Douglas Murray’s books “Madness of Crowds” and “The War on the West”. 

20.03.2023 Guest speaker Mrs. Jurgita Turulienė, the Governor of District 1462 (Lithuania). The topic of presentation: “An overview of the activities in Lithuanian district”.

13.03.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Genadi Shamugia, Information Security Officer of Pipedrive. The topic of presentation: “ChatGPT and beyond: How AI chatbots affect Cyber Security”.

06.03.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Eesti AS. The topic of presentation: “DPD group in Estonia, A Green Transition in Traditional Business”.

27.02.2023 RC “Tallinn Global” and MTÜ LELEKA meeting-discussion dedicated to psychological help project for war refugee children of Ukraine in Estonia “Invisible matters”.

20.02. 2023 Guest speaker Mr. Priit Pedaja – strategic financing and business development director, venture investor and development supporter who has recently lived 15 years in Moscow. His topic is: “Thoughts on our neighbour”.

13.02.2023 Speaker is Club member Mr. John Longhurst, expert in Governance (inc Cyber), Strategic Advisory/geo-strategy. The topic of presentation: “Geo-economic outlook”.

30.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Hans H. Luik, founder of AS Ekspress Grupp, member of Tallinna Vanalinna Rotary Klubi. Open discussion

23.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Urmas Kaarlep, 2022-23 District Governor. Topic: “Why Rotary? How I imagine Rotary?”.

16.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Eerik-Niiles Kross, Member of Parliament (Reform Party), security expert, historian. The topic of presentation: “Armed resistance to Russian occupants in 1940s and today”.

09.01.2023 Guest speaker Mr. Taavi Rõivas, former politician and currently Chairman of technology company Auve Tech.  He will talk about tech megatrends and their influence on our lives today and tomorrow with a focus on self-driving vehicles.  In Q&A he is happy to take any questions. 

28.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Roger McDermottInternational Centre for Defence and Security. Topic: “Russian and Central Asian defence and security issues”.

21.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica.

14.11.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament.

31.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. 

24.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Ilmar Raag, Media executive, actor, screenwriter and film director. Topic: “Ukraine: first-hand observations from the frontline”.

17.10.2022 Guest speaker Club member Mr. Krum Garkov, Executive Director at eu-LISA. Topic: “Digital transformation of internal security and border management in EU”.

10.10.2022 Guest speakers Inna Karaulchikova & Prof. Eduard Maron. Topic: “Mental health support to the Ukrainian refugees and displaced people”.

03.10.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Charles Clarke, British Labour Party politician, former Member of Parliament (MP) and former Home Secretary. Topic: “Britain and the Geopolitics of the Baltics”. 

26.09.2022 Guest speakers O. Riabinina & O. Litvinchuk. Topic: “Charity project for Ukrainian children”.

19.09.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Hando SutterEesti Energia CEO. Topic: “The Future of Energy Wars”.

12.09.2022 Guest speaker H.E. Mr. Ross Allen, The British Ambassador to Estonia. Topic: “The British Diplomatic Mission in Estonia”.

05.09.2022 First official meeting of the season. Guest speaker Club member Mr. John Longhurst, Strategy Advisor/geo-strategist, CEO. Topic: “Geo-economic outlook”.

SEASON 2021/2022

13.06.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Ülo Isberg, Head of the International Foreign section and a Member of the Advisory Board of the Reserve Officers Association of Estonia (EROK). Topic: “The history of the Estonian Kalev battalion from conception to its role in the Independence War of Estonia.”.

30.05.2022 Guest speakers “Rotaract Latvia”. Topic: “Rotaract mission”.

23.05.2022 Guest speaker Charter member Mr. Tõnis Arro, a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, and coach. Topic: “Funny moments related to headhunting work”.

09.05.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Tiit Aleksejev, writer, chairman of the Estonian Writers’ Union. Topic: “Crisis and literature in the Estonian contex”.

25.04.2022 Guest speaker Club member Dr. Zaza Tsereteli, Senior Advisor at the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. Topic: “Our Club Charity Project Idea”.

18.04.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Peep Jahilo, Secretary General at the Office of the President of Estonia.

11.04.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Raivo Vare, Expert on Russian economy and geopolitics. Topic: “Economy and war in Ukraine”.

04.04.2022 Guest speaker Cmd. Jüri Saska, Commander of the Estonian Navy. Topic: “Naval dimension in Ukrainian war”.

28.03.2022 Guest speakers Kristi Peegel & Kati Ernits, MTÜ Eesti Laste ja Noorte Diabeedi Ühing. Topic: “Hypoalert dogs trainning”.

21.03.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Eerik-Niiles Kross, Estonian MP, Member of Foreign Commission. Topic: “Ukraine”.

14.03.2022 Guest speaker Mrs. Anu Viltrop, Board member Eesti Pagulasabi/ Estonian Refugee Council (ERC). Topic: “ERC activities, Ukraine crisis”.

07.03.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Magnus Saar, Director of Estonian Center for Defence Investment. Topic: “Investing in defence in turbulent times”.

28.02.2022 Guest speaker Club member Mr. Idir Laurent Khiar, Privacy & ICT Lawyer. Topic: “Smart grids 5G and the data law”.

21.02.2022 Guest speaker H.E. Mr. Eric Lamouroux, Ambassador of France to Estonia.

07.02.2022 Guest speaker H.E. Mr. Archil Karaulashvili, Ambassador of Georgia to Estonia.

24.01.2022 Guest speaker Mr. Tarmo Kase, CEO of “Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors”. Topic: “Real Estate market today and trends”.

17.01.2022 Guest speaker Club member Mr. Alan Page-Duffy.

10.01.2022 Guest speaker H.E. Mr. Sven Sakkov, Ambassador of Estonia to Finland.

06.12.2021 Guest speaker Mr. Peeter Tali, former deputy director of STRATCOM Centre of Excellence. Topic “Cognitive Battle Room ”.

29.11.2021 Guest speaker Mr. Kaspar Kaljuvee, Real Estate entrepreneur. Topic “Real Estate in Estonia and EstateGuru”.

22.11.2021 Guest speaker Mr. Raphaël De Vivans, EFMC consulting. Topic “EU fund horizons”.

15.11.2021 Guest speaker Brig-Gen. Riho Ühtegi, Chief of the Defence League. Topic “Volunteers contribution to the Defence  in a tense security situation”.

08.11.2021 Guest speaker Mrs. Kyllike Sillaste-Elling, Director of Department of NATO and Transatlantic Relations MFA. Topic “NATO and European security”.

01.11.2021 Guest speaker Mr. Julian Kaljuvee, entrepreneur Topic “Longevity and ageing reversal”.

25.10.2021 Guest speaker Mr. Karl-Erik Laanet, wine and spirits specialist. Topic “French Wines: inside and beyond”. Event takes place at Türi street 3, involvig tasting.

18.10.2021 Guest speaker H.E Else Berit Eikland, Ambassador of Norway. Topic “Norway’s Arctic identity”.

11.10.2021Guest speaker Mr. Meelis Kitsing, Rector of Estonian Business School. Topic “Chinese investments into European digital platforms”.

04.10.2021 Guest speaker Dr. Eduard Maron, professor of psychiatry at The Imperial College London and Tartu University. Topic “The mental health pandemic”.

27.09.2021 Guest speaker Mrs. Eva- Maria Liimets, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

20.09.2021 visit to Maxime Trijol Cognac room.

13.09.21 Guest speaker Marek Strandberg, innovation editor at Postimees. Topic: “The anatomy and physiology of Green Deal”. Marek Strandberg is a scientist, inventor, politician and journalist who’s works has covered many fields of life and who is known for his courageous statements and innovative ideas.

06.09.21 First official meeting of the season. Speaker Club member Tim Sennett. The title of the presentation: “Denying the Holocaust – the shrinking assault on truth and memory”.

SEASON 2019/2020

02.09.19 Guest speaker MIHKEL KANGUR, Senior Researcher at Tallinn University: Is climate change real and what can we do about it?

09.09 Charter Member VLAD VERNYGORA: International Relations and Security…plus a bit on Europe.

16.09 Charter Member, Club President, ILIAN MADJAROV: Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

23.09.19 Guest speaker TAIMAR PETERKOP, Secretary of State: Quo Vadis Estonia?

30.09.19 Guest speaker Gedy Matisen, leader of adventurous hiking interest group and coordinator of international cooperation at Tartu Loodusmaja: Examples of informal/formal education about sustainability, nature and climate-friendly solutions.


07.10.19 Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, TIMOTHY MATTHEW SENNETT: “The European Union – a friendly critique from a British Brexiter’s perspective”

14.10.19 We meet outside our usual setting – NO MEETING AT PALACE, instead, we will a company called Estelon, which is a boutique Estonian producer of high-end sound systems. The meeting takes place at Kukermiidi 6, Tallinn, 11216

21.10.19 Guest speaker Javad Keypour: Lecturer and Doctoral candidate, TalTech Law School: “Energy Security: a global overview”.

28.10.19 Guest Speaker Liis Mure, Director of the NATO and EU Department, Estonian Ministry of Defence: “NATO in crisis: is this the end of the 70 year bond between the US and Europe, and what does it mean for European security?”


04.11.19 Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global Robert Begsy talks about his experiences in business and living abroad in Switzerland, Estonia, Dominican Republic and Australia. He will talk about work and living culture, politics and corruption, education, language and socializing.

11.11.19 Guest speaker John Longhurst:  “2020 global geo-economic outlook”.

18.11.19 Guest speaker Madis Müller, Governor, Bank of Estonia,  member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank: Estonian and World Economy – do we need to worry?

24.11.19 SUNDAY FAMILY EVENT – Visit to FOTOGRAFISKA TALLINN. We gather in the lobby at 14.45-15.00 (welcome drink served, optional). 15.00 we start a guided tour and 17.00 have a meeting over cocktails with Rain Tamm, the founder-CEO of Fotografiska Tallinn.

25.11.19 Business Meeting


02.12.19 Speaker, Jesse Wojtkowiak. “The state of cybersecurity.”

07.12.19 A festive dinner with partners/families – members + invite-only.

02.12.19 Last official meeting for 2019, the guest speaker to be announced



13.01.2020 – First official meeting in 2020

20.01.2020 – Guest speaker RIHO KRUUV – Head of Strategic Relations at Levercode, former Estonian Ambassador to India: “What is interesting about India?”

27.01.2020 – Business meeting


03.02.2020 Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, TIMOTHY MATTHEW SENNETT: “The use of web platforms for investment”

10.02.2020 – RC Charter Member Dr. JAANUS PIKANI ‘How personal is personal medicine?’

17.02.2020 – Guest Speaker Mr. Milad Asdaghi, lecturer of Riga Business School will talk about Bahai Faith and Community.

24.02.2020 – Public Holiday, no meeting


02.03.2020 – Meeting with the District Governor and 4 other clubs. 5PM there will be a meeting with AG and Club officers, and at 6PM will start the meeting with all club members. Both meetings will be held at Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn.

09.03. 2020 – Guest speaker ASKO KÜNNAP – poet, graphic artist, book & board game designer, ex CD in advertising: “Designing words, books, minds.”

IMPORTANT! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic as of 13.03.2020, all activities of the club are cancelled until further notice.

16.03.2020 Private meeting at Tom’s bunker

19.03.2020 CANCELLED! An Introduction to Grapes – a charity event

23.03.2020 Guest Speaker Herkki Haldre, Captain, Sunline Cruises, one of the few seamen in the world who is entitled to wear an earring. He will discuss the current status of the Estonian marine industry and the campaign: “bring all the Estonian vessels under the Estonian flag”. You will also learn how the Port of Tallinn gained wealth in the middle ages.

30.03.2020 Guest speaker Georgian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Estonia, H.E Archil Karaulashvili



1.06.2020 John Longhurst, a member of RC Tallinn Global: Black Swans and White Elephants – half-year update on global Outlook”

SEASON 2018/2019

18.09.18 Presentation by Jesse Wojtkowiak, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, head of information security, Pipedrive: ” Cyber from 10 000 Meters – current state and future of cybersecurity and how this is going to change the world in some very familiar ways”

25.09.18 Business Meeting

02.10.18 Visit by District Governor of RI, Irmeli Viherluoto-Lindström

16.10.18 Leho Nõlvak, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global: Rotary and Round Table – history and personal experience.

23.10.18 Ilian Madjarov, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, Club Secretary: “10 reasons to visit Bulgaria”

30.10.18 Invited guest speaker Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, Bonn University: “Renewing the European Union – Conditions, Challenges, Options.”, introduced by RC Tallinn Global Charter Member Vlad Vernygora

06.11.18 Jaanus Pikani, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global: Artificial Insemination – “Ethical, Legal and Practical issues in Estonia and Globally”.

13.11.18 Invited guest speaker Allan Martinson, executive, entrepreneur, investor: “Self-driving vehicles – present and future” introduced by Charter President Tõnis Arro

20.11.18 Invited guest speaker Baldur Kubo, member of Tartu Toome RC: “Where is my border of privacy in the world of Big Data?” We will be discussing in the World Cafe format, what information about us and our companies is accessible to third parties. Who can access that information and where is the line of no return, when trust gets broken. The goal is not just to entertain but raise the awareness for informed decision making.

27.11.18 Business meeting (club’s practicalities, elections etc)

04.12.18 Invited guest speaker Doris Danler, Ambassador, Repulic of Austria in Estonia: “Estonian-Austrian relations and preliminary conclusions from the Austrian EU-presidency”.

11.12.18  Festive Season’s Dinner (Club members and guests avec, dress code, place to be announced separately, invitation only for visitors)

18.12.18 – till 08.01.19 Holiday Season, i.e. no official meetings take place, but members who are not travelling may still gather for informal meeting. Visiting Rotarians – please do contact Club President and Secretary for more information.


08.01.19 Abdelrahman Bayrekdar, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, Head of Financial Shared Service center for Konecranes: “The battle for talents in Estonia”

15.01.19 Annar Alas, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, owner of Coffeepeople: “World business of coffee and is it really the same drink that is sold for 50 cents and 3 euros?”

22.01.19 Invited Guest Speaker Lauri Mälksoo, Professor of International Law at Tartu University, Member of Estonian Academy of Sciences: “Estonia’s Relations with Russia and International Law”


Invited Guest Speakers: Egle Kask, President of Tallinn Reval RC and President Elect Gretta Oltjer-Timberg will introduce Tallinn Reval Rotary Club’s main charity projects Päikesegala and Päikeselaager.


12. 02.2019 Invited guest speaker Mr Matti Maasikas, Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia: “What have we learned from Brexit – so far…”

19.02.19 Ants Promann, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, former executive in bakery industry: “The Story of Estonian Rye Bread and Bakery Industry”.

26.02.19 Invited guest speaker: Grzegorz Kozlowski, Ambassador of Poland to Estonia. Topic to be announced.

MARCH 2019

5.03.2019 Invited guest speaker Aavo Kokk , Managing Partner, negotiator of large corporate and real-estate transactions @Catella CF, former Editor in Chief of Eesti Ekspress and Publisher of Eesti Päevaleht, part of the restructuring task force of Estonian Savings Bank and leader of the task force that designed Estonian tax system. His topic is: “Real estate investments in the Baltics today and tomorrow”‘

12.03.19. Invited guest speaker Hardo Pajula, Economist, Founder and leader of Edmund Burke Society: “New Left – Their Agenda and Tactics”

19.03.19 Invited guest speaker: Victor Guzun, Managing Partner (Guzun Consulting OÜ), Lecturer (TalTech), Former Ambassador of Moldova to Estonia, topic to be announced.

26.03.19. Invited guest speaker: Riccardo Larini, Acting Director (Tallinn European School)

APRIL 2019

02.04.2019 Invited guest speaker Raimonds Jansons, Ambassador of Latvia to Estonia

16.04.19 Invited guest speaker Aivar Jaeski (RB RAIL AS, Country Manager, Estonia, and Finland): Rain Baltica as a Global Project – milestones and prospects.

30.04.19 Invited guest speaker:  Sven Sakkov, director of ICDS, a defense and foreign affairs think-tank (Lennart Meri Conference. ABCD. Diplomaatia, EFPI): “Estonian Security and Changing World Order”.

MAY 2019

7.05.19 Krum Garkov, Charter Member of RC Tallinn Global, Executive Director of at eu-LISA (The European Agency for Operational Management of Large-scale information systems): “Technology in context: how technologies support border management and internal security in Europe.”

14.05.19 Guest speaker, AI expert Marc LeCoultre: AI Demystified

21.05.19 Guest speaker, Ambassador of Finnish Republic to Estonia Timo Kantola

28.5.19 Charter member of RCTG Tonis Arro, headhunter and HR-tech entrepreneur: “Why hiring often goes wrong and how (big) data and AI can help us to reduce the risk of hiring mistakes”.

JUNE 2019

04.06.19 Charter member of RCTG Ilian Mdjarov, strategy planning officer of EU-Lisa: “What is Critical Thinking – why do we need it and why people often lack it?”

11.06.19 Charter Member of RCTG Soren Lovring, National Coordinator for UNESCO Associated School Program for Baltic Sea Project: “What can Nature Teach Us?”